The Blackbird Vision Screening System
The Blackbird Vision Screening System is an award-winning, vision screening test designed to identify eye disorders in pre-school and kindergarten children.

Our newest project:
(A Smile For Every Child).

This phrase comes from my book Dandelion Through the Crack (Kiyo's Story).

I've survived because "kodomo-no-tameni" was the priority in the lives of our parents, even when they were losing everything they owned including their land.

It's troubled me forever that in our country, children do not get the love and respect that is critical in their survival. It is no wonder that our soiciety is plagued with angry young people and juvenile delinquency.

While we were incarcerated, children were the priority. My brothers and sisters have only good memories of their years in the Poston Concentration Camp. I want  to see all children grow up with the same kind of feeling of love and security.

Every child is a gift to our world.
Let's appreciate the precious gifts we are given.
Make it your mission to give a child a reason to smile.


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